Announcement: New Blog!

July 21, 2018


I have an announcement to make! I have launched a new blog!

Many of you may not know that prior to becoming a writer, I worked as a gluten-free baker. I fell in love with gluten-free baking when I was 19, soon after I discovered that avoiding gluten solved most of my health problems. In the years following, I worked at two gluten-free bakeries, developed dozens of recipes, and had concrete plans to open my own gluten-free bakery someday.

However, my body had other plans. Due to my disability, most of the functions of being a baker and a business owner would be highly taxing and frequently not possible. While I could orchestrate my business so that the majority of the body-intensive tasks were delegated to other people, this would remove me from some of my favorite parts of working at a bakery; whereas writing revealed itself as a well-suited career for me and my current physical state, while still fulfilling my need to create things.

It didn’t take me long to realize I could combine the two professions and write up the recipes I’ve created over the years, as well as guidelines for how to get started as a gluten-free person, reviews of products, etc.


I’ve put all of these recipes and more on my new blog, Gluten Free Nom.Com and I’m so excited to say that as of today it is up and running!


Please consider going and checking it out and subscribing to that blog as well if you know anyone who would benefit from gluten-free cooking.


Go check it out: www.GlutenFreeNom.Com


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