Announcement: Call for Submissions!

August 26, 2018


Want to have your writing published on this blog? Yopp! Is now accepting pitches and submissions for publication! 

You may have noticed that my publication rate has decreased somewhat in the last six months, which is due to a combination of physical and mental health issues. Writing has been disproportionately affected by these issues and it's clear I need to take a break from forcing myself to make that happen so that I can be happier and healthier later. 


In order to ensure that this blog doesn't go dark in the mean time, I'm seeking submissions for a range of non-fiction written content, which will all be paid work. You'll be paid $75 an article, have your content advertised to my following on this blog, instagram, twitter, and facebook, and your article can include a bio with links to your content and social accounts. I'm happy to accept work from previously unpublished writers and writers without established audiences and I will put extra priority on work by people from marginalized groups. 


Accepting outside submissions will also be an opportunity for me to share some perspectives from marginalized groups that I am not a member of and so can't speak to the more personal aspects of that experience, which will serve to strengthen Yopp as a resource. 


If you're interested in seeing your stuff on Yopp! please check out my Submission Guidelines to find out what I'm looking for and how to get it to me. 


Go check it out:

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