Yopp Merchandise

Now you can get Yopp's logo on T-shirts, notebooks, mugs, tote bags & more! Make sure to check out the full selection of product options offered for each of these five design variations.

Original Designs

Here you'll find original, hand-illustrated designs by Kella that follow themes of disability, chronic illness, mental health, and general social activism sold in our Redbubble store. Check back soon for new designs! 

"Needing Extra Care Doesn't Make You a Burden"
"Yes, Thank you I Have Tried Yoga"
"The Future is Intersectional"
Ableism Bingo Cards

If you've ever dealt any form of disability, chronic illness, or mental health issue, then you've probably experienced the judgmental questions and phrases that everyone makes once they first learn about your condition.


Turn these tired refrains into your own private game with ableism bingo cards that are tailored to the specific condition it’s dedicated to. Cards are printed on good quality card-stock and include original drawings by Kella. 

Chronic Illness Vol. 1

Disability Vol.2

Mental Illness

Chronic Pain

Chronic Illness Vol 1. & Neurodivergence Editions are coming soon!

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