Resources Created by a Disabled Writer & Artist

It’s July, which is disability pride month, and as such I wanted to share with you a compilation of the resources and work I’ve spent the last seven years assembling. If you’d like to learn more about the experience of disability and chronic illness, or you’d like a list of resources to point family and friends to, this is the list for you. 

Dissociative Identity Disorder, Gender, and Sexuality: The Intersection of LGBTQ Identities & DID

In honor of pride month, we decided to cover a topic we’ve wrestled with ever since our diagnosis: The intersection between our dissociative identity disorder, gender, and sexuality. How does it work? What language do we use? We’ll explore it all in this article.

Uplifting Black Voices: A Roundtable with 5 Black Youtube Creators

Continuing Denny Upkins’ new series “Uplifting Black Voices,” this week’s interview features not one, not two, but FIVE black youtube creators who have contributed to the Black LGBTQ entertainment community online.

Complexion for the Protection: White Privilege– Real World Edition

For today’s post, it was extraordinarily difficult to find photos representing white privilege: the phenomena of white people receiving umerited protections from external consequences, which is the topic of Denny Upkins’ second installment of Complexion for the Protection. Only this time, real-world public figures are in the spotlight.

Life After Abuse: An Open Letter to My Friend on Healing from Abuse

I originally wrote this letter for a dear friend of mine about the process of healing from trauma and life after abuse, in 2018. The blog that published it has sadly gone dark since then. I wanted to make sure that this piece could still be enjoyed and potentially shared with your own close friends if they’ve been through something similar.