It’s Time to Learn About Anti-Asian Hate

CN: extensive discussion of institutionally sanctioned violence and discrimination against Asians-Americans as well as other races; Discussion of mass shootings, white supremacy, the intersection of racism and sexism, the pandemic, the 45 administration, and sexual harassment; Mention of genocide. In March of 2021, eight people were killed in a shooting that targeted spas and massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. Six of those people were Asian women. The shooter later said that he wanted to “eliminate …Read More

We Hold These Truths of the Black Experience To Be Self Evident

White Supremacy is so insidious that even if you’ve spent years working to eliminate anti-black beliefs from your subconscious, there will always be more hiding under the false pretense of reason and logic. Denny Upkins is here to keep us on our toes, make sure we check our biases at the door, and to direct us toward the beliefs we should actively be trying to incorporate into our understanding of the black experience, instead.  CN: …Read More

Yes, Thank you I Have Heard of Yoga

Edit: These two designs, “Yes, Thank you I Have Heard of Yoga” and “The Future is Intersectional” have been moved to my etsy store. The product selection is different so if you had your heart set on one of these designs on a particular product and you don’t see it in our store, contact us!  We will be continuing to transition the designs in our Redbubble store over to Etsy, so we encourage you to …Read More