“Needing Extra Care Doesn’t Make You a Burden” Got a Glow-up!

Back when we first started designing and releasing our own original designs for merch, in August 2020,  our very first design was the simple drawing of an orchid with the words “Needing Extra Care Doesn’t Make You a Burden.” After doing a few more designs, we learned a lot more about how to do digital art, what our style was, and how to make art that prints well. After a while, our first piece seemed …Read More

New Merch: “Not Just a Phase” Bisexuality Pride

Edit: This design has been moved to our Etsy store, along with new Pride Moon designs for asexual, pansexual, LGBT Rainbow, genderfluid, transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer pride colors! All these designs are currently available on pullover and full zipper sweatshirts, T-shirts, and stickers. Check out all our products on Etsy at KellaCoCreations Original Post: These products are no longer available For a while now, I’ve been meaning to make some merch using different pride flag …Read More

Young Hot & Full of Moderate to Severe Joint Pain: New Merch!

Edit: This designed has been moved to our Etsy shop and is no longer available on Redbubble. The products this design is available on have changed but if you had your heart set on a specific product and you can’t find it in our new store, contact us!  Check out all the of designs on our Etsy Store: KellaCoCreations Original Post: These products are no longer available Some of you may be familiar with the …Read More

Yopp Updates & New Merch!

Today I’m happy to release to you a brand new original merch design with several color variations! Regardless of whether you rely on one of these pups to keep you safe and healthy, every day of your life, or if you’ve only ever watched them from afar, wishing desperately that you could pet them but knowing they are busy working so you shouldn’t; everyone knows that service doggos are the best doggos. Having this phrase …Read More

Yes, Thank you I Have Heard of Yoga

Edit: These two designs, “Yes, Thank you I Have Heard of Yoga” and “The Future is Intersectional” have been moved to my etsy store. The product selection is different so if you had your heart set on one of these designs on a particular product and you don’t see it in our store, contact us!  We will be continuing to transition the designs in our Redbubble store over to Etsy, so we encourage you to …Read More

Yopp Has Merch!

When I started the process of developing a logo for Yopp back in April, I had one goal in mind: Start making merch! While we officially launched our merch page a few weeks ago with the introduction of the Ableism Bingo Cards, we now have a larger merch store on Redbubble that we’ll be adding to as new designs are finished! To start, we have our merch sporting our new logo. You can get one …Read More