Yopp Updates & New Merch!

A cartoon of a light brown dog with floppy ears, a wagging tail, and a big smile. The dog is wearing a red and yellow guiding harness on its back. Above in blocky dark green letters it says "Service Doggos Are The Best Doggos" in all caps.

Today I’m happy to release to you a brand new original merch design with several color variations!

Regardless of whether you rely on one of these pups to keep you safe and healthy, every day of your life, or if you’ve only ever watched them from afar, wishing desperately that you could pet them but knowing they are busy working so you shouldn’t; everyone knows that service doggos are the best doggos.

Having this phrase on a T-shirt was my first ideas for merch for Yopp and I’m so glad I finally got to bring it to fruition. You can now buy all of these designs on T-shirts, stickers, pillow covers, mugs, laptop covers, tote bags and more!

A screen shot of Yopp's Service Doggo Line: A version with a red and yellow vest and green text on an art print; a version with a red and rose vest with blue print and black background on a pin, a version with red and yellow vest and yellow print on a black t-shirt, and a version with a pale pink and rose vest on a chocolate colored dog with purple print on a white pillow.

I released three different color schemes, including one with a different colored dog. If I get a lot of response to these, I may draw other breeds to allow for more customization.

Looking for Gift Ideas? Shop Our Redbubble Store!

In addition to these adorable new designs, I highly recommend checking out our other merch designs and the products you can print them on if you’re looking for potential gifts in the coming months. We’ve got multiple variations of the Yopp logo and several disability, chronic illness, & social justice themed designs as well, all original created by me!

Plus, 15-30% of the cost of each product goes to support Yopp directly, so you can proudly demonstrate your love of Yopp in multiple ways!

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New Upcoming Website

My last announcement for the day is that Yopp is about to move to a totally new website! It has been my hope to switch to a different platform for several years, especially because our current one is not screen-reader compatible and that’s a big problem for a disability focused blog.

Well, it’s finally happening, which means things will look a little different around here shortly. I don’t have an exact release date but look for our new look, screen reader compatibility and faster load times around December 1st!


About the writer: Kella Hanna-Wayne is the creator, editor, and main writer for Yopp. In addition to creating a collection of educational resources for social justice, she works as a freelance writer specializing in content about her experience with disability, chronic illness, mental health, and trauma. Her work has been published in Ms. Magazine blog, The BeZine, Betty’s Battleground, and Splain You a Thing. You can find her @KellaHannaWayne on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Instagram.

At Yopp we're dedicated to providing educational material for social justice that emphasizes the individual experience of lived oppression and helps you understand the whole picture instead of memorizing do's & don'ts.

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