“Needing Extra Care Doesn’t Make You a Burden” Got a Glow-up!

A watercolor illustration of a white, peach, & red orchid with an olive green stem, stretching over the inked words, “Needing extra care doesn’t make you a burden.” The text is framed with thin green vines and a green line underneath, and the whole design is on a pale orange, water color paper textured background with a watermark that says www.yoppvoice.com
Back when we first started designing and releasing our own original designs for merch, in August 2020,  our very first design was the simple drawing of an orchid with the words “Needing Extra Care Doesn’t Make You a Burden.” After doing a few more designs, we learned a lot more about how to do digital art, what our style was, and how to make art that prints well. After a while, our first piece seemed somewhat weak in comparison.
And yet, it has been one of our best sellers! The message was meant to reach anyone who deals with the stigma associated with disability, chronic illness, and/or mental health issues and it seemed to resonate enough to overcome the weaknesses of the design.
So a few months ago we decided we wanted to re-do the art for the design with our updated drawing and design skills. We discovered the medium of digital watercolor and went to work. And here are the results! 



In our new version we used digital watercolors, a watercolor paper texture overlay, and we traced over the font to give it a more hand-drawn inky look. We are very pleased with how the finished design turned out!
You can now buy this design in our redbubble store on art prints, stickers, pillows, water bottles, and much more! 

All of our designs are original and besides our logo, they were all created by me! When you buy from our Redbubble store, 15-30% of the cost goes directly to Yopp, so this is an easy and fun way you can support our work. Thank you! 

Check out the full range of products for this design or check out our other chronic illness and mental health themed merch designs


At Yopp we're dedicated to providing educational material for social justice that emphasizes the individual experience of lived oppression and helps you understand the whole picture instead of memorizing do's & don'ts.

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