Why I Stopped Taking Anti-Depressants

In today’s guest post, Sandra Jones looks at how even though medication increased her tendency towards positive feelings, it was still more detrimental to her in the long run to continue using it as a treatment, and she encountered a lot of resistance from the medical world in reaching that conclusion.

Let’s End the Stigma Against Anti-Depressants

When I first started taking anti-depressants, I knew I could benefit from connecting to others over the shared experience but the fear of rejection was too powerful. There’s an enormous stigma against anti-depressants, or taking any medication at all for mental health. But there shouldn’t be.

I Can’t Fix Myself But I’m Supposed To

Sunflower Punk’s guest article covers her life-long struggle with chronic pain, living 6 years with an untreated broken ankle, doctors blaming her health problems on her weight, inaccessible housing, and juggling all of those while also raising a kid as a single mom. It’s worth a read as is her follow up post today.

Could It Be My Birth Control?: The Intrauterine Diaries

Today’s guest post is for anyone who has struggled with unpleasant symptoms and body changes and wondered to themselves, could it be my birth control? This post is even more for you if this question was met with dismissal and doubts when brought to medical professionals, which is unfortunately too common of a pattern. 

Windows: Snippets from a Mind Struggling with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

I spent more than a year searching for the reason that despite multiple skilled therapists and a wonderful social support system, I was still struggling with PTSD to the point that it was debilitating. I wrote this piece prior to my diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but now it reads like a textbook list of the symptoms.