Article on Medium: Why Does Everything Feel So Hard Right Now If I’m Fine

Soon after the beginning of the pandemic, I found that if I didn’t work hard to use my systems and tools meant to support my mental health, my functionality would quickly deteriorate. I frequently felt like I wasn’t okay and also that I had no business feeling that way.

Why I Stopped Taking Anti-Depressants

In today’s guest post, Sandra Jones looks at how even though medication increased her tendency towards positive feelings, it was still more detrimental to her in the long run to continue using it as a treatment, and she encountered a lot of resistance from the medical world in reaching that conclusion.

Let’s End the Stigma Against Anti-Depressants

When I first started taking anti-depressants, I knew I could benefit from connecting to others over the shared experience but the fear of rejection was too powerful. There’s an enormous stigma against anti-depressants, or taking any medication at all for mental health. But there shouldn’t be.