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March 8, 2017

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What is Yopp exactly? Why does it exist? What makes it special? What do the writers and supporters of Yopp hope to accomplish? What can you do to help us get there? 
In this article you'll learn about Yopp's proposal for a new way to teach social justice and all of the ways you can get involved in that project. 
Yopp makes a point of covering a wide range of social justice related issues but one of its specialties is describing the experiences behind disability and chronic illness. 
The majority of Yopp's content is written by creator and editor Kella Hanna-Wayne whose life experiences managing multiple illnesses, chronic pain, and an invisible disability, brings new depth to these widely misunderstood topics. 
Yopp's other most common topic is mental health: Yopp offers informative, first-person accounts of managing mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, processing trauma, and recovering from multiple forms of abuse.
While Kella has many life experiences to share, she cannot tell the story of every marginalized group. Yopp makes a point to emphasize and center the perspective of the marginalized, so we make sure to regularly publish guest posts by external writers.
All of Yopp's writers are marginalized and paid for their work. Learn more on our submissions page
Perhaps the most important and distinctive aspect of Yopp is Yopp Academy: A collection of educational articles that break down basic social justice concepts and demonstrate how they apply to virtually any form of marginalization. 
Yopp Academy articles are organized by level of difficulty like classes in a university: Level 100 is the most basic, which you will need to learn in order to proceed to Level 200 etc. 
A special thing that you will find on Yopp on a regular basis is compilations of useful resources for specific topics. In this case, guest writer Lucy Merriman wrote an amazing 5-part series entitled, How to Lend a Hand in a Mental Health Crisis, which is filled with valuable tools, advice, and specific external resources to utilize.  
The 4-part "Explaining Privilege" series is potentially one of the most useful and widely applicable sets of articles in Yopp Academy. Yopp's articles rarely respond quickly to current events but instead cover more widely applicable topics that continue to be relevant to developing social justice events over time. 
Yopp is unusual in that we don't have a comment section and this article dictates why. You can always contact us with any questions or feedback you might have. 
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