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Hi friends! A few things have changed in the last month and I wanted to tell you all about them!

New Patreon Integration

As of now, patreon bonus posts will also be posted on my blog as well as on the patreon website! The content is only visible to patrons, and non-patrons will be directed to sign up to be one. You may be prompted to sign into patreon if you aren’t already, but you’ll be able to view the bonus content right on the blog itself!

This change is a cool way for patrons to be able to view all my content in one place and it also gives non-patrons an idea of what they’re missing, hopefully encouraging more of them to sign up!

New Patreon Rewards

In addition to this new integration, my patreon itself has gone through some changes. Our tier structure and offered rewards are a bit different! Here’s what the breakdown of rewards looks like as of now:

If you pay $1 or more per month

Patrons in the first tier now have the opportunity to vote on future article topics! But because our writing is still at a pretty slow pace these days, we can’t offer this opportunity very often. So in the interim between votes, patrons will be getting insider looks at the process of self-publishing my upcoming poetry book on abuse and trauma recovery.

Another change: Previously, access to bonus content such as childhood drawings and cringy fiction from high school was reserved for the $5 tier, the backlog of this content is now available to the $1 tier as well!

If you pay $10 or more per month

In addition to all the of the rewards listed above, these patrons have the opportunity to link to their small business/blog/youtube channel on this website. (This privilege is subject to basic vetting to avoid scams etc.) And if we acquire at leave five patrons at this level, we’ll add the reward for Exclusive Patreon Merch!

If you pay $25 or more per month

As before, patrons of this level will receive a one time reward of a signed copy of the poem “How Could She Stay” that has been printed on 5 ½” x 8″ archival card stock using antique letterpress methods (Click for a preview of the print) and on an ongoing basis will have their name added to a public thank you list on this blog.

New Focus for Posts

It has been challenging to continue writing or editing this last year with the way our mental health has been and as our partial haitus stretched on, we decided to reconsider our strategy for continuing the existence of this blog going forward. In addition to putting more focus on get something back for the work we do we are also shifting our focus on the type of articles we are putting out.

We want to put the majority of our effort into educational posts for Yopp Academy because they are truly the backbone of this blog and that section won’t really be complete until we finish writing all the articles for that lesson plan. And in between those posts (which are the most work-intensive ones to write) we’ll be posting shorter recommendations for content or activism efforts that feel in alignment with the blog, collections of recommended articles from the past that maybe you missed, and some re-posts of old Voices posts we published at the very beginning of the blog before we had a solid idea of how to do this whole publishing thing.

I don’t expect this to be the permanent state for Yopp but I don’t know what the timeline will be for it or what the next phase will look like. Regardless, at the moment, this is the most sustainable setup for us to ensure our content continues to be valued and read and you continue to learn and benefit from it.

Thank you for your continued support! 

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At Yopp we're dedicated to providing educational material for social justice that emphasizes the individual experience of lived oppression and helps you understand the whole picture instead of memorizing do's & don'ts.

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