New Etsy Shop: KellaCoCreations

A logo design of a circle of figures symbolizing people joining arms in support of one another, with the text "New Etsy Store!" in the center. Below the logo is the store name, KellaCoCreations. The designs are on top of a checkered pattern in blue and pink done in watercolors.

Our new Print on Demand Etsy Shop is now open!

Start shopping at KellaCoCreations!

As I talked about a few weeks ago, we are in the process of transitioning our digital illustrations and designs from Redbubble to Etsy. This will be a long process and designs will stay on Redbubble until they can be transferred to the new store.

But we wanted to start with something new and fresh, and so I present to you: The Pride Moon Series!

Back in 2021, a close friend asked me to draw them phases of the moon in the bisexual pride colors. I did, it turned out really pretty, and the design ended up being one of our more popular ones. I knew that eventually, I wanted to make versions of the same design in many other pride flag colors as well. And now they’re here!

We currently have available: Asexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, Trasngender, Nonbinary, Gendfluid, Genderqueer, and LGBT Rainbow pride versions. We also have versions that say “Not Just a Phase” and versions without text. These designs are all currently available on stickers, T-shirts, zip-up hoodies, and pullover hoodies. 

You can see the full range of pride moon products here. 

Centering Marginalized Communities

The KellaCoCreations store was created as a place where I could sell my digital illustrations and patterns that center marginalized communities, as well as my cute animals, quirky patterns, and other digital art. We feature designs following themes like LGBTQIA+ pride, disability, chronic illness, mental health, and dissociative identity disorder.

Opening our store on Etsy put a lot more control and deciding power into our hands. On the one hand, this means our products are only available on a handful of products rather than a huge range. But on the other hand, having this power meant that we could prioritize products that offered large size ranges, T-shirts going all the way up to 5XL, and minimize the difference in cost between straight and plus sizes. We also took care to use mockups that featured queer, trans, disabled, and plus size models as well as models of color for our clothing items.

You’ll find that prices are a little higher than equivalent products on Redbubble BUT that is because all USA orders get free shipping. And on average, a higher percentage of the cost of the product goes directly to us rather than a 3rd party!

We’ve poured a lot of work and love into this store so we really hope you’ll check it out

We Want to Hear From You!

Love one of these designs but wish it was featured on another product? Leave a comment down below! We are in the process of moving all of our current designs from Redbubble over to Etsy and included in that process is deciding which products to prioritize. 


About the writer: Kella Hanna-Wayne is the creator, editor, and main writer for Yopp. She specializes in educational writing about civil rights, disability, chronic illness, abuse, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her work has been published in Ms. Magazine blog, The BeZine, and Splain You a Thing and in 2022, she released a self-published book of poetry, “Pet: the Journey from Abuse to Recovery“. You can find her @KellaHannaWayne on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, and Twitter.

At Yopp we're dedicated to providing educational material for social justice that emphasizes the individual experience of lived oppression and helps you understand the whole picture instead of memorizing do's & don'ts.

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