Yopp Submissions Are Now Open!

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Are you interested in seeing your writing published on Yopp? You are in luck! Yopp is officially open to submissions for guest posts, once again.

Yopp relies on a diversity of voices in order to support its mission of centering marginalized voices. While I write the majority of Yopp’s articles, I cannot offer first hand experiences for all marginalizations. The wider variety of experiences that can be represented, the better Yopp is equipped to accomplish its goals.

Articles on Yopp are engaging, informative, thoughtful, and in-depth. I’m looking for pieces that prioritize harm reduction and the needs of vulnerable people.

Most importantly, the voice of Yopp almost always involves taking educational resources and information and infusing it with a personal narrative: From friendly to somber to sarcastic, every article is here to teach you something, and that teacher is a real human being.

Because the majority of my writers are members of multiple marginalized groups and will often be sharing personal experiences of the way oppression has affected their lives, it’s important to me to pay for that work. Guest bloggers are paid $75 per article.

If you are interested in writing for Yopp, please read our submission guidelines for more detailed information on what I’m looking for and how to send in your submission.

Read our submission guidelines here.

My submission guidelines have changed, so please review them before submitting, even if you’ve written for me before.

Most notably, I am now ONLY ACCEPTING FULL SUBMISSIONS, no pitches. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into full submissions and that there is a greater risk to investing in a full article that may still be rejected. I’ve come to this decision based on my own needs as an editor and what I believe to be best for upholding the quality of this blog.

I look forward to seeing your work!


About the writer: Kella Hanna-Wayne is the creator, editor, and main writer for Yopp. She specializes in educational writing about civil rights, disability, chronic illness, abuse, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her work has been published in Ms. Magazine blog, The BeZine, and Splain You a Thing and in 2022, she released a self-published book of poetry, “Pet: the Journey from Abuse to Recovery“. You can find her @KellaHannaWayne on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, and Twitter.

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At Yopp we're dedicated to providing educational material for social justice that emphasizes the individual experience of lived oppression and helps you understand the whole picture instead of memorizing do's & don'ts.

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