Yopp Has Merch!

August 21, 2020


When I started the process of developing a logo for Yopp back in April, I had one goal in mind: Start making merch! 

While we officially launched our merch page a few weeks ago with the introduction of the Ableism Bingo Cards, we now have a larger merch store on Redbubble that we'll be adding to as new designs are finished! 

To start, we have our merch sporting our new logo. 


You can get one of five different variations of the logo-- Pale pink, rose, maroon, full color, and full color with our website-- on a whole bunch of different products. Here are just a few of them to get you inspired but I encourage you to check out the whole store to see if there's something you like



Secondly, we have original designs hand-illustrated by me, Kella!


I'm perhaps the most excited about this new category of merch. These designs are likely to follow themes central to Yopp: disability and chronic illness awareness, mental health, LGBT pride, and social justice in general. 

Our first original design: The phrase, "Needing Extra Care Doesn't Make You a Burden" next to an illustration of an orchid and a series of vines. Orchids require specialized care in order to bloom. If you also require specialized care of some kind, this design is meant to be a reminder that your needs don't make you a drain on society or a burden.



View the full range of products you can get with this design.  


Buying Yopp merch is a great way to support Yopp financially, as around 15-30% of the cost of each product goes to Yopp directly, and it's a great way to show to the world that you love our blog.


So, be sure to check the Redbubble store or our merch page regularly for new designs! 


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