Guest Post on ‘Splain You a Thing: Why It’s Hard to Reveal My Disability to Strangers

To make sure you all continue to have something to read during my writing hiatus, I’m happy to present to you a guest post I wrote for the social justice blog, ‘Splain You A Thing. After you finish reading my article about the struggles of communicating about my disability with strangers and my grief over losing the ability to dance, I highly recommend you check out the work of Ania Bula and Sunflower Punk on …Read More

10 Things I Love About Being Disabled

CN: chronic pain, general discussion of disability and health issues Three years ago, I began a chapter of my life in which I had a part-time job, a full-time disability, and round the clock pain. I spent a lot of time thinking about my body, my pain, and grappling with how to balance acceptance for myself with maintaining quality of life. There are many people who have disabilities that do not bring them suffering, apart …Read More

Why Don’t I ever see you Dancing? What is EDS?

CN: chronic pain, descriptions of injuries It must be strange for you. You arrive at my weekly tango dance. I smile and say hello, I take your money. I’m there hosting every week for the full length of the event. In the middle of the week, you’ll get emails from me detailing special events, you’ll see my facebook posts and photos that I took of the dancers. Every Tuesday, you’ll dance to the music that …Read More