Video: 5 Things That Improved in Our Life After Our DID Diagnosis

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We have been very vocal about how grateful we are to be open and out as a DID system so it should come as no surprise that our life after our DID diagnosis was significantly improved. Sadly, not everyone see’s joy around ones diagnosis as a positive thing. 

CN: dismissal and fake-claiming by mental health professionals; extensive but mostly light-hearted discussion about dissociative identity disorder, trauma, and alters. 

Recently, a controversy has been impacting the DID community, particularly on Youtube and Tiktok because a mental health professional published a presentation on DID that asserted that being open, proud, or even joyful about a DID diagnosis was evidence that the patient was faking. He used videos of medically diagnosed DID systems, without their permission, to support his claim. Since accusing these systems of faking, they have all been suffering harassment from the general public. 

You can learn more about this situation in this video by the Ring System but the reason for this post is that this controversy inspired us to make a video highlighting all the ways that a DID diagnosis has lead to positive impacts in our life. You can watch it below. 

Please consider signing this petition from the Plural Association, requesting the organizations associated with the video presentation to take concrete action to repair the damage they’ve done. 

We’re new to Youtube videos so if you’d like to see more video content from us, please like, subscribe to our youtube channel, and leave a comment to let us know! 


About the writer: About the writer: Kella Hanna-Wayne is the creator, editor, and main writer for Yopp. She specializes in educational writing about civil rights, disability, chronic illness, abuse, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her work has been published in Ms. Magazine blog, The BeZine, and Splain You a Thing and in 2022, she released a self-published book of poetry, “Pet: the Journey from Abuse to Recovery“. You can find her @KellaHannaWayne on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, and Twitter.

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