Remote Poetry Reading: The Story of “Pet: the Journey from Abuse to Recovery”

A graphic promoting a remote poetry reading. The graphic features a small demo of the book "Pet" and in a circular frame, a picture of Kella, a light skinned person with long brown hair, rectangular black glasses, and bright red lipstick. the graphic is on a blue and gold patterned background.

To celebrate the release of Kella Hanna-Waynes’s debut book of poetry, a piece of work that took more than 10 years to complete, we’re hosting a remote event that will be much more than just a poetry reading!

Event Details:

When: November 6th, 3:00PM-4:30PM (PST) 

Where: Remotely over zoom and live on facebook

How Much: Free!

Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome. Please keep in mind that the subject matter of the poetry is somewhat mature and dark.

Facebook Event:

Why you’ll want to attend this event:

  • Hear live readings of poems from Kella’s new book “Pet: the Journey from Abuse to Recovery”
  • Learn the stories behind the inspiration and creation of these poems
  • Get personal insights on the way the meaning of these poems have changed with time
  • Readings of other poems not included in the book and their backstories
  • Music that inspired poetry and poetry that inspired music
  • An opportunity for Q&A with Kella about her work

Update: Watch it on Youtube!

This event is over but even if you missed it, you still get to enjoy it! Watch it on youtube here. 

A demo of the book cover: The full book cover: The background is a digital illustration. In the bottom fourth, there is a beat-up wooden cage on top of a cliff face, with an old fashioned lock hanging off the side and a golden skeleton key sitting in front of the cage. Behind the cage ascending from the bottom to the top right of the cover are a series of five layers, each with a different shade of grey-blue, starting with the darkest and ending with the lightest, and each layer has a different painted texture. The bottom is moody watercolor, the second is a rippling water effect, the third is sponge-textured paint on a canvas, the fourth is marble, and the last is cloud-like. Separating each layer is a thick line of gold foil. Ascending from the fourth to the fifth layer is a beige colored bird, flying joyously into the top right corner. On top of this illustration are three portions of text. In the top left is "the Journey/ from Abuse/ to Recovery" on three lines, in a pale blue serif font. In the bottom half, slightly right of center is the author name "Kella Hanna-Wayne" in the same font and color blue, but in all caps, with a thin line beneath it. And in the center of the page in very large, highly textured, painted, pale-beige letters it says "Pet"Why you’ll want your own copy of “Pet”

“Pet” is a poem sequence that navigates the reader through the traumatic & transformative journey of domestic abuse and its aftermath.

Written in four parts, “Pet” explores what it means to lose the sense of self to the coercion of violence; the world-shattering revelation, grief, and uncertainty after the escape; the ache of hindsight; and the quiet strength found in healing. Kella Hanna Wayne’s debut collection of poems is a story of self-denial and self-discovery; A book of poetry to be read cover to cover, and then over again.

Pre-order your own copy of print or ebook versions at the store of your choice:

What readers are saying about “Pet”

“In sharing her journey, Kella offers all of us who have survived abuse the chance to identify complex feelings and process those feelings as we read… Whether you are a “poetry person” or not, this extremely human and accessibly written work will speak to you.”
— Phoebe Gildea

“With Pet, Kella has crafted a book that takes the reader inside the profoundly confusing, chaotic, painful, and curious world of intimate partner violence. As a fellow survivor, their poems spoke directly to my soul, some causing my breath to catch at how familiar some of their experiences felt.”
— Katherine Grace, writer

“Hanna-Wayne’s poems on abuse and the aftermath, are an intensely honest, personal, exploration of violence: sexual, domestic, and self. How she threads the needle and comes out whole… Everything is for the other, it is never enough, until it is. You will re-read this book.”
— Laura LeHew, editor of Uttered Chaos and author of Dear John — and Let Windows Be Windows

About the Author

A young woman with long brown hair tied in a pony tail, thrown over her right shoulder. She is wearing a white top with pink and peach flowers, bright red lipstick, and glasses with white and black ornamentation. She is staring at the camera with a slight smile.Kella has been teaching others about mental health, disability, chronic illness, trauma, and Dissociative Identity Disorder through writing since 2016. She is the editor, publisher, and main writer for Yopp, a resource-hub dedicated to consolidating the do’s and don’ts of social justice. Her work has also been published in the Ms. Magazine blog, The BeZine, and Uttered Chaos. In her spare time, she loves creating digital art, engaging in lively conversations with her cat Rosa, and working to build a life together with the other alters in her system, who are the reason she is still here today.

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